Our History


July 2013

Jonathan Miller went on a missions trip to Costa Rica with Merge Ahead at the age of 15. While he was there he founded SaveOne. One night a youth leader, Stephen Spaulding, heard Jonny's story and told him that this was his calling in life. Ever since then God gave him the name SaveOne and the mission.

June 1, 2015

Jonathan Miller did his first TEDx Talk at Manchester High School. His topic was, "Hi, How Are You?" He talked about how many times we walk past people in the halls and on the streets and say "hi, how are you." Jonny discusses how we should actually take a minute to stop and ask how they truly are rather than trying to be "polite" and walk by saying how are you and keep walking without getting a response. 

October 2015

Jonathan Miller interviewed Brian 'Head' Welch, lead guitarist from the band Korn. Brian shared his story about suicide and depression and how he overcame the obstacles being thrown at him. Brian encouraged his fans learn about God because God is the one that saved him. This interview was to show his fans that they are not alone and that he is a human just like them and has gone through similar things as well. 

February 2016

Jonathan Miller went to Puerto Rico for a two week tour. Miller spoke at over 13 conferences including a conference with the superintendent and counselors of Ponce, PR. It was a life changing experience for Jonathan as well as for the students and teachers lives that he blessed.


May 2016

SaveOne was on FOX61 in Hartford, CT twice talking about the mission and how SaveOne started. Here to make an end to bullying and help those dealing with bullying, depression, and suicide. 

August 20, 2016

Marco Fabretti joined SaveOne. Jonathan was invited to speak at a block party where Marco was performing. At the event Marco and Jonathan met each other and since then Marco has been Jonathan's right hand man on the team. 

February 2017

Jonathan was invited to join Booker Empowerment, LLC. Kevin Booker is the founder of this company and he has a movement throughout CT to encourage and uplift students. He has a team of 20+ people that go with him to schools chair their stories and to bring positivity into the students lives.

2018 - Present

SaveOne has been speaking all over CT and the east coast to schools, churches and youth groups bringing life to the broken and giving a voice to the voiceless.