Failure Is Not An Option

On April 17, 2019 Jonny Miller spoke at East Hartford High School about how Failure Is Not An Option. He previously strained a ligament in his ankle so he used his crutches as an illustration for his presentation.  What are your crutches in life? Do not let them hold you back! Be who you want to be! Be a difference maker! Don't forget! YOU ARE NOT A FAILURE! 

TEDx Talk: "Hi, How Are You?"

 Jonny Miller challenges you to care for people better by asking people the simple question, "How are you?"  He offers his personal story of bullying and redemption. 


 Is your faith your own or is it someone elses? Often times being raised in a Christian home we adopt this faith because that is just what we do. Trying to have a faith because of your parents is like trying to look through a glass of milk, you can't! You cannot have a relationship with God if someone your relationship with God is because of someone else or is through someone else. Your relationship needs to be clear like glass where you can see directly through it.

You're Not Too Young

 You are not too young! Had an amazing opportunity to speak at the Connecticut Coalition On Children Social Media & Diversity Conference at Mitchell College in New London. What an amazing opportunity! 

I Died When I Was 12

 Jonathan Miller spoke to a group of kids in a workshop at the Middlesex Consortium Diversity Conference. He spoke about how he died at 12 and became who he is today. He discusses how he no longer lives behind the same mask he did when he was 12 and how he is a whole different person. Jonathan encouraged the kids to take off their masks. To truly care and pour interest in peoples lives and open up. 

When Life Gives You Lemons

 Jonathan Miller, spoke at New London High on October 11, 2017. He mentioned how he took the issues he faced  (Lemons) and created something out of it(Lemonade). He asked the kids if they will chose to make the lemonade rather than going to the store and buying it. You can chose to create something out of your problems in life or you can chose to just keep living and be average and not impact this world in an incredible way. Will you chose to make lemonade or buy it and doing it the easy way? 

Get Woke, Stay Woke

 Jonny Miller, Founder and CEO of SaveOne, spoke at Windsor High School in Windsor, CT with a group of guys from the Brooker Empowerment LLC. Jonny spoken about how your influences can leave a legacy. 

Bystanders To Difference Makers

 Jonathan Miller and Marco Antony spoke to the 585 Church at Elim Gospel Church in Lima, New York on October 5th. They spoke about David and Goliath but in a way that many people haven't heard it before. The power wasn't in David, or the stones or sling, the power was in David's faith in God to keep him safe. God honored his faith and made Goliath fall forward when the law of physics says he should've fell backwards. 

Homeless - Marco4Hymn

 Spoken word on being homeless yet living in a house with a family yet still feeling all alone. Marco Fabretti is the spoken word and rapper for SaveOne. He is making huge footprints in this world especially in New Britain. 

SaveOne Puerto Rico Tour 2016

SaveOne tour in Puerto Rico.  

February 20, 2016 to March 4, 2016 

Interview With Brian 'Head' Welch from Korn

We had a great opportunity to interview the lead guitarist from the band Korn. Brian "Head" Welch shared with us his stories of when he was at his lowest. We are believing that when you hear this story you will be blessed. He also encourages us to reach out when we need help and that we're not alone. Brian is a great guy and we hope that you enjoy what he has to say and we hope that this helps you.